Our Team


Delaney Ruston, MD

Filmmaker/Physician/Movement Builder

Stanford trained physician and social change documentary
filmmaker. Her most recent film is Screenagers: Growing up in
the Digital Age
. She has been faculty at top medical universities
and has dedicated the past six years to researching screen time
and youth, including academic issues. She has been the
featured speaker at places such as Google, The United Nations,
Facebook, Harvard, and at conferences and schools
worldwide. Delaney has won several awards for her work in
using film in launching advocacy movements.



Lisa Tabb

Co-producer of Screenagers. 

Lisa has helped build the movement around Screenagers. She
speaks regularly at schools all over world about the effects of
screen time. For 15 years she produced news at ABC 7 News in
San Francisco, with a focus on trends around parenting and
raising kids and emerging technologies.

Katherine Cszimedia, Outreach

Katherine Csizmadia

Outreach at Screenagers and writer. 
She has spoken to hundreds of parents, teachers, principals, counselors and more about their struggles with screen time issues. 

Rebecca Tollen, Activator

Monica Bergman

Outreach at Screenagers and counselor. 
She has spoken to hundreds of parents, teachers, principals, counselors and more about their struggles with screen time issues.

Anna Simmons

Anna Simmons

Outreach at Screenagers and lawyer. 
She has spoken to hundreds of parents, teachers, principals, counselors and more about their struggles with screen time issues.


Rebecca Tollen

Producer and writer. Rebecca researches, writes and edits material for Screenagers' and Away For The Day's impact campaigns.


Advisory Team


Leslie Walker, MD

 Medical Director of the Penn State Children’s Hospital and expert in adolescent health. She is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of young people.

Jeff Klugman Portrait.jpg

Jeff klugman

Elected School Board Member in Silicon Valley and Tech Executive. Jeff is encouraging his school district to adopt away for the day policies.



Shivam Mallick Shah

Senior Advisor to the Education team at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. She worked at the US Dept. of Ed, and was Deputy Director on the Ed team at the Gates Foundation.

IMG-2148 (1).jpeg


Middle school principal at Bayside in Sausalito, CA. Instituted Away For The Day cell phone policies at 2 middle schools.

branco05 (1).jpg

Nelson Branco, MD

Pediatrician, Marin County, CA.  He is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is very involved with the Council on Communications and Media.


Tiffany Kendall Obayashi

Assistant Principal at Rooftop School, San Francisco, CA. Her K-8 public SFUSD school has an away for the day cell phone policy.

Bick, Christopher, scaled.jpg

Chris Bick

Assistant Principal, Sunset High School, Oregon. He recently spearheaded a cell phone change at his public school.


Emily Huff

Clinical Faculty at Seattle Pacific University's School of Education. She is a former teacher who now trains upcoming teachers. 

Gabrielle Fitzgerald head shot.jpg

Gabrielle Fitzgerald

CEO of Panorama. Her action think tank is dedicated to helping people successfully tackle major societal issues.


David Oliver

Past board chair, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO. David works with businesses and non-profits to improve education and children’s health. 


Nina Schmidt

High school student at Drake High School. She is the Editor-in-Chief of school paper and a member of the school peer resource program. 


Tessa Small

High school student whose story is featured in Screenagers. Tessa has spoken in several schools about screen time topics.