Examples of consequences for cell phone infractions at middle schools shared with us by principals, teachers and parents


Rob Thomas, Principal Twelve Corners Middle School, Rochester, NY

“The phones are to be in their lockers from the start of homeroom until after the last period of the day. Students who "forget" are warned the first time. the second time we collect the phone for student to pick-up from the main office at the end of the day and a parent is notified. The third offence, the parent has to pick it up and the phone is not to return to school.”


Jeanne Borders, Principal Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, Acworth, GA

“The kids are allowed to bring phones on campus, but they must be in lockers and turned off. We have a strict policy if they don't abide by the rules: 1st time we take the phone & they can get it at the end of the day & parents are notified. 2nd time they can't bring the phone back on campus for the semester.” We also have the technology in the building to actually "see" what phones are on our network - not as easy to see if they are not on our network and relying on data plan.

Ben Elliott, Grace Christian School, Escondido, CA

“If you feel your child must have a cell phone, it must remain in their backpack, TURNED OFF while at school and during Extended Care. Texting and videotaping are not permitted anytime during the school day. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a behavior detention and confiscation of the phone. The cell phone may be retrieved by the parent at the end of the day.”


Stephanie Gates, Cascade Christian Academy, Wenatchee, WA

“First offense.......... Device will be taken to the front office for the remainder of the day and may be picked up when a student is ready to leave school.Second offense..... Device will be taken to the front office and must be picked up be a parent/guardian.Third offense......... Device will be taken to the front office and a meeting will be set up and may result in the device to be left in the front office daily. -


Brigitte Garcia, parent, St. Wilfrid's Parish, Burgess Hill, UK

“Mobile phones can be brought to school but must remain off or silent and completely out of view on-site for the whole of the school day. Any phone in view and on-site will be confiscated, logged and securely held until the end of the school day, at which point it can be collected by the student. Repeat offenders will be sanctioned in line with our existing behaviour policy. “


Sandy Jordan, Assistant Principal, The Paideia School, Atlanta, GA

“We tell students that if they legitimately forget to turn in their phone, they can bring it to an adult at any time during the day to turn it, no questions asked. However, if we discover them using a phone during the day without permission, we call home and the cell phone may not be brought back to school for two weeks.”


Ashley Gillingham, Assistant Principal, Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis, MN

“We ask that families and students use the main office when communicating messages from home or school. Students using phones or electronic devices without authorization for the first time will be asked to surrender his/her phone to the teacher and can pick up the phone at the end of the day. The second time the phone will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian in the main office. The third time there will be a meeting with administration to create a personal electronics plan/contact.”


Jeffrey Jones, Principal, K. International School, Tokyo, Japan

“We must be diligent with follow up. Students using phones have them taken away and must complete a reflective activity to get it back – repeat incidents result in parents getting involved.”


A. Robert Jessen, Ph.D., Principal, Monte del Sol Charter School, Sante Fe, NM

“First offense is confiscation for 30 days and second is the rest of the year. “


Karen Webb, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

“If phone is seen anytime after school starts until end of school day, it is immediately confiscated. Student has to collect it after school ends.”


Lindsay S. Meredith, Counselor, Bedford Middle School, Westport, CT

“Not adhering to cell phone expectations will result in the following:

Warning by teacher during the 1st week of school (August 14th-18th).

Effective August 21st, cell phone infractions will result in confiscation and sent to main office.

First offense, students may pick up their cell phone at the end of the school day.

Following offenses, parents must pick up cell phone. Students who do not follow teacher directives will be acting in defiance which could result in a disciplinary referral."